Community Action Partnership - Madison County Home Buyer Program

Dream Home Program in Madison County New York-  You may be eligible to participate in pre-purchase home ownership education and receive a grant up to $24,000 to be used towards the purchase of a home in Madison County NY, if you meet certain household income guidlines.

This program is similar to the "Home Headquarters" program in Syracuse, but the grant money is much greater in Madison County.

Thanks to federal and state grants, CAP is able to provide up to $24,000 to eligible applicants to purchase an existing home in Madison County New York.

Generally an eligible individual or family:

  • Works, lives, or plans to live in Madison County.
  • Is within the income guidelines (see below).
  • Must be a first time home buyer, or has not had their name on a deed or mortgage for 3 years or is a displaced partner / homemaker.

GRANT GUIDELINES--updated June 2011
(Maximum Household Income)

# in Household

   Maximum Income

 1  $36,800
 2  $42,050
 3  $47,300
 4  $52,550
 5  $56,800
 6  $61,000
 7  $65,200










For More information about this unique program: Call Bob McTague at 315-882-6610