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Below is a list of the schools in the district.

Schools: Depending on where you live in the town of Onondaga, New York your children will attend schools in one of the following districts: Onondaga which consists of 2 elementary schools (Rockwell - pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade, Wheeler - 3rd through 6th grade) and one junior high school (7th through 8th grade) and one high school (9th through 12th grade); Westhill which includes two elementary schools (Walberta Park - kindergarten through 2nd grade, Cherry Road - 3rd through 4th grade), one middle school (Onondaga Hill - 5th through 8th grade) and one high school (Westhill - 9th through 12th grade); or West Genesee which includes four elementary schools (East Hill, Onondaga Road, Split Rock and Stonehedge), two middle schools (West Genesee, Camillus) and one high school (West Genesee).